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Colourful, earthy, sweet, the humble beetroot is the Marmite of the root vegetable world—you either love it or you loathe it. Geosin, the organic compound responsible for the beet’s divisive earthy taste, also contributes to the strong smell which occurs in the air when rain falls after a hot, dry spell. Most likely originating in […]

Mökki water: Eating and experiencing Finland at Lake Päijänne

Thick birch forests, wooden farmhouses and flat expanses of snowy ground rush past the car windows. We have just left Helsinki, icy and cold even in early April, on the first stop of our trip round Finland and the Baltic States. Friends Maija and Klaara promise us an ‘authentic Finnish experience’. We wait eagerly. First […]


Native to the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia, dill—also known as dill weed—has a long, varied history in world culture and cuisine. In ancient Greece, dill was a status symbol. As victorious armies returned from battle, crowns made from the herb were placed over their heads. A fragrance was also widely produced from its flowers. […]