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REVIEW: Mildreds (NW1)

Mildreds is a chain vegetarian restaurant that comprises three branches across London – the original is in Soho, and two newer locations in King’s Cross and Camden. The restaurant was launched by two friends in 1988 with the intention of providing “good value, fresh and colourful international vegetarian food,” at a time when such stuff […]


Salak, also known as snake fruit, is a crop native to Sumatra and Java in Indonesia. The fruit grows in clusters at the base of squat-looking palm trees, and is sometimes named snake fruit on account of its scaly, brown skin. The crop is now grown throughout Southeast Asia, and when in season, is most […]

Tastes of Kerala

Kerala is the region in the south west of India, at the conclusion of the tropical Malabar coastline. Though I’ve never been, I recently remembered a nice vegetarian Keralan restaurant that I visited a while ago my parents, and thought that I would like to have a go at cooking something myself. Keralan dishes are […]


The apricot has disputed origins. The tree has been cultivated in Armenia since ancient times, and its scientific name Prunus armeniaca (Armenian prune) derives from this assumption. There is evidence, however, that the plant had first existed further east on the Russia-China border, having moved west along the Silk Road trading route at the beginning […]

REVIEW: Maughan Library muffin selection

I refuse to believe that there are people in this world who do not find pleasure in the thought of an afternoon muffin. Versatile yet tasty and easily handled, the muffin has been blessing generations since its invention in the States in the nineteenth century. It is high time we celebrated the contribution that this […]


A versatile ingredient in both sweet and savoury cooking, the sesame seed is a major crop farmed for the most part in East Africa, India, and China. The plant is the oldest oilseed crop known to man, highly prized in Babylon and Assyria as much as 4000 years ago. The seeds grow in spongey-looking oblong […]

POLLING DAY SPECIAL: a food survival guide

The dreaded day is upon us and the Brits are going to the polls. It’s time for us to decide: is it absolutely necessary that our grandparents survive the winter, or are we so enamoured of the return of foxhunting and the ivory trade that we are willing to make that sacrifice? We’ll have our […]