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We all know it’s grim up North, but is it vegan?

Known for the Yorkshire pudding and its obsession with cheesy chips and gravy (lashings of it, everywhere, on everything), the North probably isn’t the first place you’d look for seitan or jackfruit. However, look no further than Leeds – a buzzing and multicultural student city with a surprising taste for tofu. LS6 The Clock Café […]

Get your 5-a-day the barbecue way: ideas for a tasty vegetable barbecue

The barbecue has become a universal symbol of summer and an emblem of the classic American lifestyle. In the UK, Australia, and much of Europe too, barbecuing of some kind is a popular communal activity. The shortest spell of sun and smells of smoke and sizzling meat waft from back gardens and linger in the […]


Cheddar cheese, for me, encapsulates all that is great about British cuisine. Fine, it’s not creamy like Brie or Coulommiers. It doesn’t have the soft tang of Manchego, or the plump of Mozzarella. What it is, though, is versatile, dependable, and comforting. Whether it’s sandwiches, pasta bakes, or omelettes; sliced, melted, or cubed on a […]

Palestine on a plate

Food is a long-time weapon in the cultural battles that accompany bloody conflicts and colonisations. The Spanish, upon invading the Americas and declaring the indigenous staples of maize and beans to be ‘famine foods’, irreparably and irresponsibly rearranged agricultural systems to grow wheat, wine, and olives. In India, so much farmland was taken to grow […]


First domesticated several thousand years ago, probably in present day Argentina or Bolivia, the peanut is now eaten worldwide. Upon reaching the shores of Mesoamerica in the early 16th century, Spanish colonisers discovered the peanut plant (or tlalcacahuatl in the local Nahuatl language), where it had spread from South America and was widely cultivated for […]

Take the Victoria line to Latin America: do you know your buñuelos from your arepas?

Discover authentic Latin American food at Pueblito Paisa a.k.a Seven Sisters Indoor Market 231-243 High Rd, London N15 5BT Open: Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm and Fri-Sat 9am- late When it comes to real Latin American food in London it’s time to forget Andina, Ceviche or Gaucho and head north to Seven Sisters Indoor Market, or as the […]


Native to the Mediterranean and Asia, mint is somewhat of a mystery – we know that several different species exist, but nobody knows exactly how many. It is estimated that there could be around fifteen, but the distinction between them is not always clear, and hybrids are common and naturally occurring. Very mint-sterious! What we […]